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Cypress Semiconductor CY8CLEDAC01 AC/DC Digital Current-Mode Controller for LED Lighting

Cypress Semiconductor
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Product Description:
The CY8CLEDAC01 is a digital current-mode controller incorporating
proprietary primary side control technology. This new
technology eliminates the cost and complexity in traditional
designs which use opto-isolated feedback and secondary-side

The CY8CLEDAC01 uses an advance digital control algorithm
to reduce system design time and improve reliability. The control
algorithm has cycle-by-cycle adaptive digital regulation; this
enables accurate secondary-side constant-current operation
without the need for secondary-side sense and control circuits.
The cycle-by-cycle adaptive digital regulation features fast
dynamic response and tight output regulation using critical
discontinuous conduction mode (CDCM) when driving LED
loads. The control algorithm for cycle-by-cycle regulation has
internal compensation for guaranteed system phase and gain
margins; requiring no external components for loop compensation.
The CY8CLEDAC01 has full featured circuit protection not
normally available with other primary-side control solutions. The
built-in protection features include over-voltage protection
(OVP), output short circuit protection (OSCP), peak current limit
protection (PCLP), and current-sense resistor short protection
(CSSP), over-temperature protection (OTP).

The CY8CLEDAC01 also operates as a voltage-mode controller
with all the current-mode controller features, allowing it to
operate as a AC-to-DC front-end for intelligent LED controllers
such as Cypress’s PowerPSoC® family.

Product Specifications:
AC offline input range from 80 to 277 VAC
■ Constant current control with primary-side feedback
■ Energy star compliant for LED lighting
■ Up to 30W output power range for universal inputs
■ High efficiency (typically > 85%)
■ Tight LED current regulation (typically < ± 2.5%)
■ Supports up to 130 kHz switching frequency
■ Primary-side sensing eliminates opto-isolators
■ Quasi-resonant operation for highest efficiency and low EMI
■ No external compensation components required
■ Low startup current (typically 10A)
■ Built-in soft start
■ Multiple protection features
❐ Current-sense resistor short protection (CSSP)
❐ Over-temperature protection (OTP)
❐ Output over-voltage protection (OVP)
❐ Peak current limit protection (PCLP)
❐ Output short circuit protection (OSCP)
❐ Single-point fault protection
■ Applications
❐ Offline LED driver
❐ LED replacement lamps
❐ LED luminaires
❐ Pre-regulator for intelligent DC-to-DC LED controllers

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