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iWatt iW3610 ACDC Digital Power Controller for Dimmable LED

iWatt Inc.
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Product Description:
* Isolated AC/DC offline 100Vac / 230Vac
* Intelligent wall dimmer detection:
o Leading-edge dimmer
o Trailing-edge dimmer
o No-dimmer
o Dimmer types: R, R-C, R-L
* Wide dimming range from 2% up to 100%
* Optimized dimming frequency at 900Hz
* No visible or electronic flicker
* Resonant control to achieve high efficiency, 85%
* Meets the harmonic requirements and high Power Factor of 0.9 without dimmer
* Temperature compensated LED current for constant LED brightness
* Small-size design
* Low value and small size input bulk capacitor
* Low value and small size output capacitor
* Small size transformer
* Primary-side sensing eliminates opto-isolator
* 10uA start–up current
* LED open / short protection
* LED over current control
* Single-fault protection


* Dimmable LED luminaries

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