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enLux Light Engine

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Product Description:
enLux Light Engines are a key component of the future lighting and illumination market. The enLux patented COB (chip-on-board) technology satisfies the optical, electrical, mechanical and thermal requirements for proper operation of a high power LED device. enLux Light Engines come in many standard functions, shapes and sizes, but can also be customized to fit a specific function shape, size, power input, and light output.

The enLux Light Engine is made to emit white light at specified CCT, but it can also emit any color light within the CIE1931 chart, or as an RBG color changing device that can be used to provide millions of light colors when powered by a controller such as DMX.

The enLux Light Engine provides the lighting industry a new, cost effective, meaningful and practical LED option. The enLux Light Engine is more powerful than a standard LED lamp producing many hundreds and even thousands of lumens instead of only sub-hundreds of lumens. enLux Light Engines utilize proper thermal management to ensure heat is efficiently dissipated. This greatly extends the life expectancy and ensures the light stays cool. Standard LED lamps have poor thermal management properties which significantly shortens their lives. In addition, enLux Light Engines use a single lamp to produce light while standard LED lamps require multiple lamps to generate practical and useful light.

The enLux Light Engine provides a way for lighting fixture manufacturers to easily, promptly and effectively enter the LED lighting realm.

The enLux LED Light Engine can be used to create dynamic new lighting applications and products.

To learn more about how to incorporate enLux Light Engines into your future lighting products, contact the enLux Technology Team at

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