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SCT2004 4-Channel Constant Current Driver

Starchips Technology

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Product Description:
SCT2004 4-Channel High Power LED Driver
.Four constant-current outputs rate at 24V
.Current regulated output channels, constant current range: 10 ¡V 350mA
.Constant current source invariant to load voltage change
.Fast output current control, the minimum output enable pulse width = 80ns
.Excellent output current matching:
-channel to channel skew < ±3%
-chip to chip skew < ±6%
.All output current are adjusted through one external resistor
.Dimming control available
.Built-in thermal protection function
.CMOS input interface with Schmitt Trigger
.Supply voltage: 5V
.Package:SOP8 with heat sink pad
.Application: LED lighting

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