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MLX10803 High Power LED Driver


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Product Description:
The MLX10803 is a multi-purpose LED driver for high power LEDs designed for high current and high voltage applications. The circuit is designed for demanding automotive applications and therefore suitable in all other high intensity LED applications. Numerous adjustment possibilities allow for the design of different LED applications using only a few external components. The circuit is load dump protected for 80V load dump pulse.

Product Specifications:
Low cost power LED driver for external n-channel MOSFET switching transistor
6V to 32V DC input range
Applications from mA to several Ampere LED current
Possible temperature dependent regulation using external Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) resistor
Small package allows compact module design with minimised wire runs and short connections to achieve improved EMC performance
Built-in randomiser for improved EMC performance
High temperature operation capable
Load dump protected to 80V

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