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MBI6651 Step-Down 1A LED Driver All-Ways-On Constant Current LED Driver


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Product Description:
The MBI6651 is a high efficiency, constant current and step-down DC/DC converter. It is designed to deliver constant current to light up high power LED with only 4 external components. With hysteretic PFM control scheme, MBI6651 improves the efficiency of light loading. The output current of MBI6651 can be programmed by an external resistor and LED dimming can be controlled via pulse width modulation (PWM) through DIM pin. In addition, the start-up function limits the inrush current while the power is switch on. The MBI6651 also features under voltage lock out (UVLO), over temperature protection, LED open -circuited protection and LED short -circuited protection to protect IC from being damaged.

Additionally, to ensure the system reliability, the MBI6651 builds thermal protection (TP) function inside. This function protects IC from overheating (165C) in various application conditions.
MBI6651 provides thermal enhanced packages as well to handle power dissipation more efficiently.
MBI6651 is available in TO-252, SOT23-6 and MSOP-8 packages.

Product Specifications:
Backward compatible with MBI6650 in package
1A constant output current
96% efficiency @ input voltage 12V, 350mA, 3-LED
9~36V input voltage range
Hysteretic PFM improves efficiency at light loading
Settable output current
Integrated power switch with 0.45ohm low Rds(on)
Full protection: Thermal/UVLO/Start-Up/LED Open-/Short- Circuit
Only 4 external components required

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