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MBI6010 3-Channel Constant Current Sink Driver for RGB LED Cluster


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Product Description:
MBI6010 is a 3-channel constant-current sink driver for RGB LED cluster, which can be networked to a master controller for scheduled or manual dimming and color control. Each MBI6010 enhances the transmission buffers for data (SDI, SDO), clock (CLK), latch (LE), and output enable() in a cascading system by the unique “self synchronized signal timing” technology. At MBI6010 output stage, three regulated current ports are adjustable with three corresponding external resistors to match RGB color characteristics. With built-in voltage regulator, MBI6010 provides users with great supply voltage range form 6.0V to 12V, maintains constant current up from 5mA to 60mA and saves the space in a compact cluster. In addition, MBI6010 sustains 17V at output ports. This provides enhanced LED controllability and better mixed-color lighting solution.

Product Specifications:
3 constant current channels for RGB each
Output current invariant to load voltage change
Maximum output current per channel:60mA
Range of constant current for every channel:5~ 60mA
Cascading buffers for wired transmission
Self synchronized signal timing of clock (CLK) and data (SDO)
Low power consumption: 120mW
Output current accuracy:
between channels: < ±6% (max.), and
between ICs: < ±6% (max.)
Sustaining voltage: 17V
Built-in voltage regulator working with supply voltage ranging from 6.0V to 12V
5 MHz clock frequency at 2-meter cable transmission
Package type: SSOP20, “Pb-free & Green” package

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