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MBI1816 16-Channel All-Ways-On High Power LED Driver


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Product Description:
MBI1816 is an instant On/Off LED driver for lighting applications and exploits PrecisionDrive™ technology and All-Ways-On™ to enhance its output characteristics. At MBI1816 output stage, sixteen regulated current ports are designed to provide uniform and constant current sinks for driving LEDs within a large range of VF variations. With All-Ways-On™, MBI1816 provides users 16-channel constant current ports to match LEDs with equal current. Users may adjust the output current from 5 mA to 60 mA through an external resistor, Rext, which gives users flexibility in controlling the light intensity of LEDs. In addition, users can precisely adjust LED brightness from 0% to 100% via output enable ( ) with Pulse Width Modulation. Additionally, MBI1816 is built with Thermal Protection (TP) function and thermal pad. The TP function protects IC from over temperature (165°C). Also, the thermal pad enhances the power dissipation. As a result, a large amount of current can be handled safely in one

Product Specifications:
16 constant-current output channels
Constant output current invariant to load voltage change
Excellent output current accuracy:
between channels: <±3% (max.), and
between ICs: <±6% (max.)
Output current adjusted through an external resistor
Constant output current range per channel: 5-60 mA
Schmitt trigger input
5V supply voltage
Package Type: “Pb-free & Green” package with thermal pad

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