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IRS2540SPBF 200V Half Bridge Driver LED Buck Regulator in a 8-Pin SOIC Package

International Rectifier

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Product Description:
The IRS254(0,1) are high voltage, high frequency buck control ICs for constant LED current regulation. They incorporate a continuous mode time-delayed hysteretic buck regulator to directly control the average load current, using an accurate on-chip bandgap voltage reference.

The application is inherently protected against short circuit conditions, with the ability to easily add open circuit protection. An external high-side bootstrap circuit drives the buck switching element at high frequencies. A low-side driver is also provided for synchronous rectifier designs. All functions are realized within a simple 8 pin DIP or SOIC package.

Product Specifications:

* 200 V (IRS2540) and 600 V (IRS2541) half bridge driver
* Micropower startup (<500 A)
* 2% voltage reference
* 140 ns deadtime
* 15.6 V zener clamp on VCC
* Frequency up to 500 kHz
* Auto restart, non-latched shutdown
* PWM dimmable
* Small 8-Lead DIP/8-Lead SOIC packages

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