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TLE 4242 G Power LED Driver Adjustable Constant Current Source up to 500mA

Infineon Technologies

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Product Description:
U S I N G L E D s in the conventional way - with resistors as the current limiting
element - results in varying current with small changes in the supply voltage due to
the small differential resistance of the LED. The TLE 4242 drives LEDs with constant
current resulting in constant brightness and extended life times. The TLE 4242 is fully
capable to withstand harsh automotive requirements due to its internal protection
circuits against overload, short circuit, reverse polarity, and overtemperature.
A status output allows LED-fault handling.
Due to the high input impedance of the PWM input the LED driver can be operated
as a protected high side switch.
With the PWM input the LED brightness can be regulated via duty cycle.
Also PWM = L sets the TLE 4242 in sleep mode resulting in a very low cur rent
consumption of <<1 μA typ. Due to the high impedance of the PWM input the PWM
pin can thus also be used as an enable input.

Applications for LED Driver
Automotive Applications
■ Brake Light
■ Fog Light
■ Turn signal (flasher)
■ Tail lights
■ Day lights
■ Running lights/reverse light/
license plate light
■ Airbag Sensor supply
Industrial Applications
■ Traffic Lights
■ Street marker lights
■ Emergency lightning

Product Specifications:
■ Adjustable Constant Current:
up to 500 mA
■ Pulse width modulation input (PWM)
for brightness control
■ 1 μA current consumption in sleep
■ Diagnosis Output for LED-Failure
■ Fully Suitable for use in automotive
Over-Temperature Protection
Reverse Polarity Proof
■ Input Voltage Range up to 45 V
■ Short circuit Protection to GND and VCC
■ Low Drop Voltage:
Full brightness at low battery voltage
■ Wide Temperature Range
40C to 150C
■ Power Package PG-TO263-7

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