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Dominant Semiconductor

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Product Description:
Featuring a staggering brilliance and significant flux output, the
SPNovaLED™ showcases the latest technological advent in this
range. With its extremely high level of brightness and the ultra
low high profile, which is only 1.5 mm are highly suitable for both
conventional lighting and specialized application such as automotive
signal lights, traffic lights, channel lights, tube lights and
garden lights among others.

> Signage: Illuminated advertising, special effect lighting.
> Lighting: garden light, architecture lighting, general lighting, etc

Product Specifications:
> Super high brightness surface mount LED.
> High flux output.
> 130° viewing angle.
> Compact package outline (LxWxH) of 6.0 x 6.0 x 1.5mm.
> Ultra low height profile - 1.5 mm.
> Designed for high current drive; typically 250 mA.
> Low junction-to-solder point thermal resistance; RTH js = 50 K/W.
> Qualified according to JEDEC moisture sensitivity Level 2.
> Compatible to IR reflow soldering.
> Environmental friendly; RoHS compliance.
> SP NovaLED are Class 1M LED products. Do not view directly with
optical instrument.

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