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Bridgelux LED Arrays


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Product Description:
The Bridgelux family of LED Array products delivers high performance, compact and cost-effective solidstate
lighting solutions to serve the general lighting market. These products combine the higher
efficiency, lifetime, and reliability benefits of LEDs with the light output levels of many conventional
lighting sources.
Product options are tailored to match light output levels of conventional light sources, delivering between
400 and 2000 lumens under application conditions in cool, neutral and warm white colors. In order to
satisfy system design requirements, the Bridgelux LED Arrays are specified to deliver these values hot, or
under assumed typical use conditions, eliminating the need of incorporating additional sources to account
for thermal degradation.
Various configurations are available allowing the product to be optimized on efficacy, CRI, light output,
cost, or a combination of these attributes. These high lumen output integrated sources reduce system
design complexity, enabling miniaturized cost-effective lamp and luminaire designs. Typical applications
include task, accent, spot, track, down light, wide area and security lighting.

Compact high flux density light source
Uniform high quality illumination
Streamlined thermal path
Energy Star / ANSI compliant binning
More energy efficient than
incandescent, halogen and some
fluorescent lamps
Low voltage DC operation
Instant light with unlimited dimming
Long operating life
RoHS compliant and Pb free

Enhanced optical control
Clean white light
Significantly reduced thermal resistance
and increased operating temperatures
Uniform consistent white light
Lower operating costs
Increased safety
Easy to use with daylight and motion
detectors to enable increased energy
Reduced maintenance costs
Environmentally friendly, no disposal

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