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ADJD-xMxx High Power Light Strip(3/4/6/9/12 LED), Ring & Round

Avago Technologies

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Product Description:
Avago’s Strip, Ring & Round Power LED’s range of products
offers a series of LEDs which provides better lifetime robustness and reliability compared to the conventional light sources. It mounted on a metal-core PCB thereby making thermal management easy. The wide radiation pattern of the Line Power LED thus making it an ideal light source to illuminate a wide area.

• Available in Cool White and Warm White color.
• Various options with different number of LEDs on MCPCB to meet different lighting output requirement
• Energy efficient
• Exposed pad for excellent heat transfer
• Integrated heat sink to simplify thermal management design for efficient heat dissipation
• Long operation life.
• Wide viewing angle.
• Silicone encapsulation
• Ease of mechanical mounting
• Plug & Play assembly for ease of installation
• Lead free and ROHS compliant

• Reading light
• Architectural lighting
• Decorative lighting
• Backlighting
• Task lighting
• Safety / Emergency lighting
• Illumination in vending machine
• Refrigeration lighting
• Retail lighting
• Illumination for machine vision equipment

Product Specifications:
• InGaN technology
• Smooth wide radiation pattern

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