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ADJD-MJ50 / ADJD-MJ51 and ADJD-MJ60 / ADJD-MJ61 High Performance RGB LED Light Source

Avago Technologies

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Product Description:
Avago RGB LED Light Source is a high performance device which can be operated at high driving current. It comes with a plug-and-play electrical connector.
The built-in heat sink and the mechanical mounting features simplify the thermal management of a lighting solution. This enables effective heat transfer and maintain LED junction below maximum allowed temperature.
The footprint of the top emitting package is 100mm x 18mm x 3.6mm with aperture of 96mm x 6mm. The footprint of side emitting package is 100mm x 18mm x 8mm with aperture of 96mm x 4.6mm.
The reflector cavity design maximized the light extraction as well as maximized the color mixing to produce the required color. Together with closely pitched LED dice, the color mixing is best of its class.

High flux output
Choice of top emitting or side emitting
Compact footprint for ease of stacking horizontally and vertically.
Integrated heatsink to simplify thermal management
Red, Green & Blue color premix in the reflector cavity to produce required color
Silicone encapsulation for extra long product life
Plug and play mechanical mounting and electrical connection (connector interface)
Fully serviceable due to ease of mounting and demounting.
Decorative lighting
Architectural lighting
Specialty lighting

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