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ASMT-M0xx Collimator Lens Option for Power LED ASMT-Mxxx and QSMT-MWBx

Avago Technologies

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Product Description:
Power LED Light Source is a high performance energy efficient device which can handle high thermal and high driving current. The Collimator Lens ASMT-M0xx are design to efficiently collimate the light of Power LED ASMT-Mxxx & QSMT-MWBx into a 6, 15 and 30 beam.
The collimating optics has been effectively design to collimate the light to 6, 15 and 30 viewing angle. The design and Acrylic material use bring the efficiency >85%.
The Lens Material Properties
The lens material is made from optical grade Acrylic and the lens max allowable operating temperature is 75C. It can be used for all colors.

Available in 6, 15 & 30 beam
Energy efficient
Work with all Power LED ASMT-Mxxx.
For white QSMT-MWBx is recommended
Acrylic plastic
Portable (flash light, bicycle head light)
Reading light
Architectural lighting
Garden lighting
Decorative lighting

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