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ASMT-Mxx9 Moonstone 1W Power LED Light Source

Avago Technologies

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Product Description:
The Moonstone® 1W Power LED Light Source is a high
performance energy efficient device which can handle high thermal and high driving current. The exposed pad design has excellent heat transfer from the package to the motherboard.
It is available in various color temperatures ranging from 2600K to 10000K.
The package is compatible with reflow soldering. To
facilitate easy pick and place assembly, the LEDs are also available in EIA-compliant tape and reel.

• Available in Cool White & Warm White color
• Energy efficient
• Exposed pad for excellent heat transfer
• Suitable for reflow soldering process
• High current operation
• Long operation life
• Wide viewing angle
• Silicone encapsulation
• Non-ESD sensitive (threshold >16kV)
• MSL 4 products

• Portable (flash light, bicycle head light)
• Reading light
• Architectural lighting
• Garden lighting
• Decorative lighting

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