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AS3691 4x400mA precision current source driving RGB and White Color LEDs

Austria Microsystems

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Product Description:
The AS3691 features four high precision current sources for driving up to four LED strings (RGB or single color leds). Each of the four currents sources can be controlled independently by PWM inputs. The full scale current value is set by external resistors.

Product Specifications:
* 4 x 400mA constant current outputs
* Programmable with external resistors
* 4 independent PWM inputs
* Absolute current accuracy +/-0.5%
* Automatic Supply Regulationí to reduce power dissipation
* Very wide output voltage current source voltage compliance
o Down to 0.41V
o Up to 15V
* Integrated overtemperature protection
* Separate sense pads (Rfb1-Rfb4) for easy and precise PCB Layout
* Package
o QFN24 4x4mm
* Patent Pending

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