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A6210 3 A, 2 MHz Buck-Regulating LED Driver

Allegro Microsystems

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Product Description:
The A6210 is a buck regulator that uses valley current-mode control. This control scheme allows very short switch on-times to be achieved, making it ideal for applications that require high switching frequencies combined with high input voltages and low output LED span voltages.

Low system cost is accomplished through high switching frequencies of up to 2.0 MHz, allowing smaller and lower value inductors and capacitors. In addition, few external components are required through high levels of integration. Optimal drive circuits minimize switching losses.

The switching frequency is maintained constant, as the on-time is modulated by the input voltage. This feed-forward control ensures excellent line correction. The on-time is set by an external resistor pulled-up to the input supply.

Internal housekeeping and bootstrap supplies are provided which require the addition of only one small ceramic capacitor. A top-off charge pump ensures correct operation at light loads.

Internal diagnostics provide comprehensive protection against input undervoltages and overtemperatures.

The device package is a 16-contact, 4 mm 4 mm, 0.75 mm nominal overall height QFN, with exposed pad for enhanced thermal dissipation. It is lead (Pb) free, with 100% matte tin leadframe plating.

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