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3-Day LED Lighting Institute

Event Date:
Sep 21, 2010 - Sep 23, 2010

Lighting Research Center

Troy, NY

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Event Description:
In response to suggestions from students at past institutes, we have expanded our LED Lighting Institute to provide you with more information and more time to participate in hands-on sessions using LEDs. At our recently extended three-day institute, LRC experts will help you learn more about this quickly evolving lighting technology in a small-class setting. Enrollment will be limited to 30 students.

You'll learn how to incorporate LED technologies into the design of architectural lighting fixtures, how to develop optical components that will best take advantage of the small size and compact beam spread of LEDs, and how to design lighting applications using LEDs. You'll also be able to compare LED technologies from a variety of manufacturers and learn about operating characteristics, average-rated-life, lumen output, and other important specification factors.

At the LED lighting institute you will:

* Learn about the latest advances in LED technology
* Learn about strengths and weaknesses of LED products
* Learn to design lighting installations using LEDs
* Learn to select and specify LED lighting system components
* Observe hands-on demonstrations of a full range of LED technologies used in a variety of applications
* Experiment with LED lighting technology by building sample lighting fixtures
* Learn how to match application requirements with available technologies
* Learn about the latest LED research and testing
* Receive an LRC Continuing Education Certificate in LED Lighting

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