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LED Lighting Taiwan 2010

Event Date:
Jun 09, 2010 - Jun 11, 2010

Photonics Industry & Technology Development Association

Taipei World Trade Center

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Event Description:
LED Lighting Taiwan 2010 gives you the best insight to the latest development of solid state lighting, see how the lighting technology fused with modern art, architecture and aesthetic design.

Major Exhibits
1) LED Lighting Fixture
■ for Indoor, Outdoor, Specialty, Solar
■ for Decorating, Landscape, Architecture,Garden
■ Control System & Accessories
2) LED Applications
■ Automotive Lamps, Backlight,
■ Display Board, Traffic Signal, IrDA, etc.
3) Package / Module
■ Lamp, Digital, Dot Matrix, Cluster, SMD, etc.
4) Epi Wafer, Chip
5) Materials
■ Substrate, Ingot, Phosphor, Epoxy, Lead Frame, etc.
6) Processing Equipment
■ Wafer (MOCVD, Mask, Etching)
■ Assembly (Dicing, Bonding, Packaging)
■ Testing (Prober, Aging)

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