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OLED Lighting Design Summit

Event Date:
Dec 02, 2009 - Dec 03, 2009

First Conferences Ltd.

Boston, MA

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Event Description:
The first and only event focused exclusively on OLED technology for lighting design

After many years of development OLED lighting has now started commercial production. This breakthrough is going to change the day-today business of every single lighting designer in the world. This is a massive opportunity - leading analysts Display Search estimate the market will be worth over $6 billion by 2018 and the lighting designers who get their business ready now will be the ones who see the lion’s share of the profits.

Once users see OLED lighting in action at a price they can afford it is game over for other lighting technologies. That’s why if you are a lighting designer you can’t wait, you need to get up to speed with this technology NOW because in five years time it will be the core of your business.
But don’t worry - the OLED Lighting Design Summit has been created specifically to provide you with everything you need to know.

Taking place in Boston this December 2-3 this is the first and only event focused exclusively on OLED technology for lighting design. Over 2 information packed days of world exclusive design case studies, lively panel debates, interactive roundtable discussions and hands on workshops we’ll
cover the most burning OLED issues that matter to you including:
• OLED performance fact pack: From efficiency to aging, color spectrum to
light output, variation in color, reliability and more.. all the answers you need
to start working with OLEDs are here
• OLED design case studies: Your exclusive opportunity to hear from some
of the worlds leading lighting designers about how and why they’ve used
OLED technology to create pioneering design concepts
• Light designers OLED toolkit: Get an exclusive insight into how OLED
technology will add value to many types of light installations and broaden
design capabilities through improved color range, viewing angles and more
• Up close OLED master-class: Go hands on with OLED lighting technology
and come away with a thorough understanding of how they and their
component parts work and the full extent of what they can and can’t do
• OLED application focus: Understand the lighting applications where OLED
technology really adds value over other current lighting technologies, as well
as new applications made possible by OLEDs

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