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Jan 04, 2011


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SUNNYVALE, Calif., January 4, 2011 – Supertex (Nasdaq GS: SUPX), a recognized
leader in high voltage analog and mixed signal integrated circuits (ICs), today
introduced HV9967, an open loop, average-mode current control LED driver IC that
operates in a constant off-time mode. The IC includes a 60V, 0.8 ohm MOSFET that
can be used as a stand-alone buck converter, or connected as a source driver output
for driving an external MOSFET, such as Supertex DN2450, to operate at offline AC
line voltages.

The HV9967 features a proprietary control method that achieves fast, accurate
LED current control through sensing only the switch current. The IC delivers LED
current accuracy of +/-3% without sensitivity to external component variation. It
utilizes average-mode current control, which doesn’t produce a peak-to-average error,
and therefore greatly improves LED current accuracy and line and load regulation
without requiring loop compensation or direct current sensing. The HV9967 also
includes internal over-temperature and short circuit protection, and a PWM dimming

“With its unique current control method, HV9967 offers solid-state lighting
designers the benefits of high current accuracy and consistency for extended LED
lifetimes,” states Hernan DeGuzman, Vice President of Marketing for Supertex. “This
IC is quite simple to use, and its accuracy is virtually insensitive to the tolerances of
external passive components in the application circuit.”
The HV9967 is available in an 8-lead MSOP package (HV9967MG-G). The
part is Green and RoHS compliant. Samples are available from stock. Lead-time for
production quantities is 4-6 weeks ARO. Pricing is US$.80 each for the HV9967MG-G
in 1K quantities.

About Supertex
Supertex, Inc. is a publicly held mixed signal semiconductor manufacturer,
focused in high voltage analog and mixed signal products for use in the medical, LED
lighting, display, industrial, and telecommunication industries. Supertex product,
corporate and financial information is readily available at

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