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interNational Association of Lighting Management Companies (NALMCO)

Apr 09, 2010


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Mission Statement: NALMCOŽ is an organization of lighting management companies and lighting professionals dedicated to delivering services, information and industry relationships for the benefit of its members and their customers.

To this end, NALMCO has created the following Value Statements:

Education: The speed of technological development in the lighting industry necessitates rapid response by our organization to provide our members with the means to obtain this knowledge. We seek to provide information and training to our industry practitioners expeditiously and in a concise, unbiased manner.

Representation: We are the spokesperson for the industry at meetings of regulatory bodies, other associations, and business gatherings where an opportunity exists to further the position of lighting management.

Networking: The lifeblood of this organization is the ability of its members to draw upon their collective knowledge. We provide a forum to facilitate the open and free exchange of ideas and knowledge and business opportunities among all of our members. We fundamentally believe that a professional and well-educated competitor is the best competition.

Ethics: We recognize that the moral fiber of any organization is only as good as that of each individual member. We endorse and adhere to
the NALMCO Code of Ethics and promote sound and ethical business management an practices.

Professionalism: As an organization we strive to enhance the professionalism of our members through the development of standards and guidelines. We make available to our members information, training materials, seminars, and conferences designed to foster the highest level of professionalism. We provide certification programs as a vehicle to recognize individual achievement.

Financial Stability: Financial stability is a product of careful planning, sound budgeting, and good management. We manage our association in such a way as to generate cash flow sufficient to support high quality service and continued growth.

Information: The dynamics of our industry necessitates the collection of pertinent statistics as a benchmark to measure the performance of each individual company. We will furnish to members informational materials containing data on trade and industry statistics and provide analysis of government regulations and business activities of value to the lighting management industry.

Environment: The need to preserve our fragile global environment is a concern of every individual. We work diligently in the education, dissemination, and implementation of programs that will foster a better global environment.

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