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Feb 17, 2010


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SUNNYVALE, Calif., February 17, 2010 – Supertex (Nasdaq GS: SUPX), a
recognized leader in high voltage analog and mixed signal integrated circuits (ICs),
today introduced the HV9963, a closed-loop LED driver IC with pulse width modulated
(PWM) dimming capability designed to optimize LED performance and efficiency and
extend LED life. The IC excels in DC/DC applications such as RGB or white LED
backlighting, LCD TVs and monitors, and LED lamps for general lighting.

The HV9963 utilizes a closed-loop system to control the current going to the
LED string, which is an active, real-time system that continuously monitors the LED
current via sense resistors. The HV9963 includes a 1.0MHz transconductance
amplifier with a tri-state output, which closes feedback loops in the sensing process
and provides accurate current control. It can be synchronized in applications requiring
multiple LED drivers to prevent the system sub-harmonic oscillations that are often
associated with driving multiple driver schemes.

The HV9963 also features hiccup mode protection for both short- and opencircuit
conditions, and a high PWM dimming ratio. The IC operates in a constant
frequency mode for use in a variety of converter topologies such as buck, boost and

“The HV9963’s closed-loop system enables accurate line and load control of
the LED current over its entire operating range,” states Ahmed Masood, Vice
President of Marketing for Supertex. “This IC also includes controls that allow PWM
dimming at very low duty cycles, resulting in a contrast ratio of up to 5,000:1.”
The HV9963 is available in a 16-lead SOIC package (HV9963NG-G). The part
is RoHS compliant. Samples are available from stock. Lead-time for production
quantities is 4-6 weeks ARO. Pricing is US$0.85 each for the HV9963NG-G in 1K

About Supertex
Supertex, Inc. is a publicly held mixed signal semiconductor manufacturer,
focused in high voltage analog and mixed signal products for use in the medical, LED
lighting, imaging, industrial, and telecommunication industries. Supertex product,
corporate and financial information is readily available at

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