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Fairchild Semiconductor's New Energy-Efficient LED Driver Lights the Way at OSRAM®

Dec 17, 2009

Fairchild Semiconductor

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SAN JOSE, Calif. – December 17, 2009 – Fairchild Semiconductor (NYSE: FCS), a leading global supplier of high performance products that enable energy-efficiency, has been selected by one of the world’s largest lighting manufacturers, OSRAM®, to supply LED driver solutions. The FSEZ1016A was developed by Fairchild to meet and exceed the stringent performance benchmarks set by OSRAM.

“We worked closely with OSRAM’s engineers, based at the company’s LED R&D facilities in China, and frequently discussed the technical details with OSRAM in our efforts to ensure that the FSEZ1016A was the industry’s leading LED driver solution,” said Benjamin Tan, Fairchild’s regional vice president of Sales and Marketing, China and South East Asia.

“The FSEZ1016A is an excellent example of the value of Fairchild’s Global Power ResourceSM (GPR),” continued Tan. “We use regional centers staffed by power engineers and FAEs, who are tasked with providing on-the-spot design assistance. Our GPRs are widely recognized as the industry standard for customer design support.”

Fairchild’s FSEZ1016A fits OSRAM’s 1W-4W LED products. OSRAM is also considering deploying Fairchild’s FAN6300 LED driver for its 12W to 60W products. The new FSEZ1016A and FAN6300 are designed for lighting manufacturers seeking energy-efficient LED driver solutions.

Lighting applications consume nearly 22 percent of electrical energy generated worldwide. Reducing wasted energy in these applications can have a significant impact on energy conservation. As the industry moves from standard incandescent light bulbs to CFL, LFL and LED lighting, a 75 percent energy saving can be realized. Fairchild provides solutions for all lighting applications including linear fluorescent ballast, compact fluorescent ballast, LED and HID. The company’s extensive product portfolio ranges from discrete to integrated solutions that contain PFC controllers, ballast control ICs, high voltage gate drivers and MOSFETs.

“We look forward to continuing our strategic partnership with OSRAM and to assisting them with developing and supplying further innovative devices that benefit consumers as well as the environment,” commented Tan. “Fairchild is committed to developing products that further enable energy-efficiency gains and maximize performance while reducing board space, design complexity and system costs for our customers.”

About FSEZ1016A:The FSEZ1016A is a primary side regulation (PSR) pulse-width modulation (PWM) controller, addressing a critical need in the high brightness (HB) light emitting diodes (LED) market by simplifying design, reducing board space and providing important performance advantages. The FSEZ1016A is an EZSWITCH™ device that integrates a PSR PWM controller with a power MOSFET. Through this integration, this controller achieves the most accurate constant current (CC) through built-in proprietary TRUECURRENT™ technology and tight constant voltage (CV) without using secondary-side feedback circuitry. By tightening the constant current over a wide voltage range, the same circuit can accommodate different numbers of LED units in a string, increasing design flexibility, accelerating time-to-market and stretching the lifetime of HB LEDs. With this high level of integration, this PSR PWM controller conserves board space, accommodating the form factor of lamp cases that continue to diminish in size.

To minimize the standby power consumption, the proprietary green-mode function provides off-time modulation to linearly decrease PWM frequency under light-load conditions. This green mode function assists the power supply in meeting power conservation requirements.

About FAN6300: The highly integrated FAN6300 PWM controller provides several features to enhance the performance of flyback converters. A built-in HV startup circuit can provide more startup current to reduce the startup time of the controller. Once the VDD voltage exceeds the turn-on threshold voltage, the HV startup function is disabled immediately to improve power consumption. An internal valley voltage detector ensures the power system operates at quasi-resonant operation in wide-range line voltage and any load conditions, and reduces switching loss to minimize switching voltage on drain of power MOSFET.

To minimize standby power consumption and light-load efficiency, a proprietary green-mode function provides off-time modulation to decrease switching frequency and perform extended valley voltage switching to keep to a minimum switching voltage.

The FAN6300 controller also provides many protection functions. Pulse-by-pulse current limiting ensures the fixed peak current limit level, even when a short circuit occurs. Once an open-circuit failure occurs in the feedback loop, the internal protection circuit disables PWM output immediately. As long as VDD drops below the turn-off threshold voltage, the controller also disables PWM output. The gate output is clamped at 18V to protect the power MOSFET from high gate-source voltage conditions. The minimum tOFF time limit prevents the system frequency from being too high. If the DET pin reaches OVP, internal OTP is triggered, and the power system enters latch-mode until AC power is removed.

About OSRAM:
OSRAM is part of Siemens’ Industry sector and is one of the world’s two leading lighting manufacturers. In FY 2008 (to September 30, 2008) it generated business worth €4.6 billion, of which 88 percent was in other countries. OSRAM is a high-tech business in the lighting industry – over 65 percent of its business is in energy-efficient products today. This globally oriented company employs over 43,500 people worldwide, supplies customers in around 150 countries and manufactures at 46 production facilities in 17 countries.

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