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Luminus Introduces SST-90 Color Series PhlatLight LED For Next-Generation Entertainment and Architainment Applications

Sep 17, 2009

Luminus Devices

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Billerica, MA―May 14, 2009―Luminus Devices, Inc., today announced the introduction of the SST-90 Color Series PhlatLight® LEDs - a set of 10 watt, monolithic large-chip LEDs in a surface-mount (SMT) package available in red, green and blue. This new offering is designed to enable the next generation of solid-state lighting fixtures for entertainment and architainment lighting applications that require lumen levels exceeding those that both LED and traditional light sources can deliver.

“The new SST-90 Color Series offering extends Luminus’ 10 watt SMT-based product offering,” said Peter Weller, Director of the Lighting Business Group at Luminus Devices. “Fixture designers now have the ability to significantly increase the output of their existing designs by just replacing the SMT LEDs with a big-chip LED that provides much higher light output. The SST-90 Color Series also enables designers to develop a new generation of fixtures that will bring the next level of color-changing capabilities to lighting environments.”

Each of the SST-90-Color Series PhlatLight LEDs have a monolithic emitting surface of nine square millimeters (mm2) and are ideal for applications that need either saturate monochromatic color or broad color gamut additive color mixing. The big-chip architecture of the SST-90 allows each of these new LEDs to produce ultra-high lumen levels (Red: 850 lumens, Green: 1,900 and Blue: 450 lumens) from a 10 watts input. PhlatLight LEDs are mercury-free, highly reliable and have a lifetime of 60,000 hours with lumen maintenance of greater than 70 percent.

The SST-90 color PhlatLight LED is available now for sampling with production volume shipments starting in June, 2009.

About Luminus Devices
Luminus Devices, Inc. develops and manufactures high performance solid-state light sources – PhlatLight® LEDs - for a variety of lighting applications. Its headquarters and primary manufacturing facilities are located in Billerica, Massachusetts, U.S.A. For more information, visit PhlatLight is a registered trademark of Luminus Devices.

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