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Unveils 42 lm/W warm-white Acriche

Apr 19, 2007

Seoul semiconductor

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SEOUL, KOREA -Seoul Semiconductor (KOSDAQ: 046890), the country s leading LED producer, announced today that Acriche, the world s first semiconductor lighting source for AC power outlets, can now achieve warm white of near-daylight quality, making it suitable for general and indoor lighting applications.

The warm white Acriche features 42 lm/W based on light source.

Actual System Efficiency ?which takes into account luminous efficacy, ballast efficiency and luminaire efficiency ?for the warm white Acriche is 39.9 lm/W. This is higher than 7.5 lm/W for incandescent lamps and 30.6 lm/W for compact fluorescents.

Warm white Acriche is a suitable replacement for DC-LED lighting. Compared to conventional warm white DC LED which has a luminous efficacy of nearly 35 lm/W, the warm white Acriche at 42lm/W is 20% more efficient. Warm white Acriche can also produce a brighter lighting environment without the need of a converter or ballast.

Seoul Semiconductor has also released warm white Acriche with a luminous efficacy of 33 lm/W which has a Color Rendering Index (CRI) rating of 90. The CRI measures the ability of a light source to produce vibrant colors in objects. A CRI rating of 100 suggests that the light source is equivalent to daylight, while a low CRI rating near 0 suggests that colors will appear unnatural under that particular light source.

Acriche Warm White s high CRI ratings and superior color rendering capabilities make it an ideal solution for environments that demand vibrant and accurate lighting, such as museums, luxury hotels, art galleries, show rooms and displays.

For many years, the ability to produce a warm white semiconductor lighting source that can also offer a high quality CRI rating had appeared illusive. Today, that hurdle has been successfully negotiated.

밫he need for alternative lighting sources has never been more pressing,?said Seoul Semiconductor CEO Cheong Hoon Lee. 밇nvironmental pollution and oil prices are rising, and the effects of mercury and lead continue to take a toll on our ecosystems. We hope to accelerate the move towards energy efficient and environmentally friendly lighting by producing alternative lighting sources such as warm white Acriche that can match the capabilities of conventional lighting sources, but with less harm to the environment and at a lower cost in terms of energy consumption.?

About Acriche
Acriche is a semiconductor light source that operates directly from AC power without converters. It offers improved power efficiency compared to incandescent and halogen lamps, and outpaces fluorescent lamps in terms of life span, power usage, and convenience. Acriche lasts 35,000 hours compared to 1,000 hours for incandescent lamps, 3,500 hours for halogen lamps, and 8,000 hours for fluorescent lamps. Acriche does not contain environmentally harmful substances such as mercury, nitrogen or lead like other conventional lights.

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