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Seoul Semiconductor launched ultra-slim Z-power LED 'Z1' for lighting

Nov 24, 2008

Seoul Semiconductor

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November 24th, 2008, Seoul Semiconductor, a leading LED manufacturer, ranking 6th worldwide and 1st in Korea, announced it released a 1.4W ultra slim Z-power LED series 'Z1'; Warm White (part # : NZ10150) and Pure White (part # : WZ10150).

A Seoul official in charge of Z1 development said, "Maximum lumens of NZ10150 and WZ10150 are 95 and 120 respectively, the average lumens being 80 and 105 each." And he added, "Because the body of Z1 is made of ceramic with high thermal conductivity and equipped with spacious radiation plate, customers can manage heat easily. Because these features enable Z1 to emit bright light much longer in high temperature (in other words, it maintains its reliability longer), it can be quite useful in designing indoor and outdoor lightings, and home appliances."

With a thickness of 1.2mm like a credit card, Z1 is very slim as a HB LED. Thus, it can be one of the most optimal LED to be used for various kinds of compact products well-matched to current trends.

The Z1 will be applicable to various fields of lighting, the most typical application fields being sign display, replacement plate lighting like in refrigerators, cabinet lighting installed in narrow spaces, security lighting and decorative recessed lighting.

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