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Seoul Semiconductor’s Acriche in Strategies In Light 2009 in US

Feb 16, 2009

Seoul Semiconductor

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Seoul Semiconductor, a world leading LED manufacturer(CEO Chung Hoon Lee, announced it’s plan to participate in Strategies In Light(“SIL”), held from this 18th to 20th in California, US with innovative and excellent products.

The 10th SIL, a conference with exhibitions of high-brightness LED, is hosted by Strategies Unlimited, an US expert market researcher, and PennWell Corporation. This conference has the world largest scale and longest history. Last year over 1,500 market participants from 28 countries visited to this event to exchange LED technology and make a social network. This event is expected to be in a mood of festival again.

Seoul Semiconductor, as a sponsor and exhibitor for this conference, will show various LEDs including the AC-driven Acriche, the promising future innovative light source, P4 series, High CRI Top View LED, BLU LEDs for mobile and for automobile stop lamps.

In this event, Acriche is the main product of Seoul Semiconductor, and in the center of global attention. Acriche is directly operated at AC without converters. This feature clearly differentiates Acriche from almost all LEDs requiring converters to be operated at DC. This feature not only simplifies the circuit design of lightings and maximizes LED’s lifespan, 30k~40k hrs, by providing a solution for a problem with shortened LED’s lifetime by the converters with 10k~20k hrs lifespan.

Acriche is famous for its innovative technology in the global market. Last December Seoul Semiconductor’s Acriche has been awarded in Newtech Korea 2008 and named as Korea Ten Best New Technologies of 2008. was also named “Product of the Year” by Elektronik in 2006, one of the most prestigious electronics publications in Europe.

Seoul Semiconductor is preparing to introduce High CRI Top View LED, released last May, and ultra slim Z1 series. High CRI Top View LED has a CRI of 90, equivalent that of natural sunlight, and 0.2 W of power consumption with 70 lm/W of luminous efficacy and high reliability of over 50,000-hour-lifespan. The thin Z1 is being famously used for indoor-and-outdoor lighting fixtures and appliances.

A Seoul Semiconductor official said this participation would enforce its market position in the global LED market, and provide with a good opportunity to read the trend of global LED market.

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