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Seoul Semiconductor's P7, awarded '2009 Product of Year' from a German Magazine

Mar 18, 2009

Seoul Semiconductor

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The technological power of Seoul Semiconductor has been recognized in the world market.

Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (represented by Chung Hoon Lee,, a global LED maker, announced that their LED product 'Z-Power LED P7 series' has been awarded '2009 Product of Year' in the optoelectronics part from a German magazine 'Elektronik'.

『Elektronik』, an electronic magazine distributed in whole area of Germany, Switzerland and Austria with the highest authority in Europe, selects the most novel and innovative products through questionnaires to about 5,500 engineers and awards the 'Product of Year'.

Also in 2006 and 2008, this company has received that award with their semiconductor light source for AC, Acriche, and Flash LED, and this year, has been awarded again with their 'P7' series.

The awarded ‘Z‐Power LED P7 series’ is a unique LED package having brightness of 900 lumen and light efficiency of 90 lumen/watt on the world-highest level, being about 36% brighter than incandescent lamps. Also, it emits in all directions of 360°, therefore, differently from fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps, lighting can be made toward the desired direction only, resulting in little loss of light. Since, last January, P7 was also selected as the top ranker in 「2008 LED Top 10 News」 of 'LED's Magazine', a global LED magazine, it is getting attention in the world LED market.

A staff of this company said, "Awards of our products in Korea and overseas countries mean that our technological superiority has been recognized," and "We expect those products will contribute to our sales increase." He added, "We will make more efforts for our technological advancement by keeping the rule of investing 10% in R&D aiming at being one of World Top 3 in 2012."

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