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Seoul Semiconductor rises to 4th rank in the global LED market

Jun 11, 2009

Seoul Semiconductor

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IMS Research, a British supplier of market research in the global optoelectronics market, has announced that Seoul Semiconductor (CEO, Chung Hoon Lee,, a world’s leading LED company, has achieved the fourth rank in the global LED market.

According to the analysis of the “World Market of Light Emitting Diodes”, 2009 Edition, carried out by IMS Research, it is found that Seoul Semiconductor is rapidly gaining ground on the top three LED package companies, Nichia, Osram, and Philips Lumileds. It is also expected Seoul will garner the fourth rank on the basis of total sales in 2008 as in 2007.

In particular, Jamie Fox, an analyst of IMS Research has said that Seoul Semiconductor’s positive prospective for future growth potential, as it has grown much more rapidly and aggressively than typical in the global LED market. He also talked about Seoul Semiconductor will compete with Philips Lumileds for the third rank in next few years.

An official of Seoul Semiconductor says “The company’s more than 5,000 patents and technical capabilities are powerful weapons to secure the third position by 2011, and Seoul Semiconductor can readily cope with the changes in the rapidly developing Global LED market. Seoul has achieved vertical integration from LED chips to packages, while utilizing a well-structured system for research and development as well as supply of a variety of new products. In particular the world’s only AC-driven LED ‘Acriche’ and brand new LCW100Z1, a high-efficiency SMD type LED for general purpose lighting”.

IMS Research is a supplier of market research and consultancy services on a wide range of global electronics markets and publishes detailed research on LED and related markets on a regular basis. The analysis of World Market of Light Emitting Diodes, 2009 Edition, focuses on the overall survey of cases of LED-applied products, perspectives of LED lighting business, detailed data for each region of the world market, as well as the global market share and ranking of the world’s top 13 LED companies.

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