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Full-Color LED Display Makes Cingular Store As The City Landmark

Mar 26, 2007

Act One Communications

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.The new flagship Cingular store in Huntington Park, California, has incorporated a state-of-the-art outdoor full-color LED electronic display to advertise its promotion programs and raise its public awareness to the local community. The LED display has helped the store become a “landmark” for the city and its residents.

HUNTINGTON PARK, California—March 26, 2007—Cingular Wireless, the largest mobile phone company in the United States, has adopted a new way to promote its new flagship store in downtown Huntington Park, California. Completed in October last year, this store is the largest and also the most technologically-advanced one in the Los Angeles region. By incorporating a 63-foot-long full-color LED electronic display outside the store, the store has been able to raise its public awareness and advertise its new service programs to the local Hispanic community effectively.

The LED sign was manufactured by Act One in Irwindale, California, and SignTech was contracted by Cingular to do the installation and overall signage work. According to the Store Manager Frankie Valenzuela, the full-color video animation on the sign has helped attract enormous foot traffic into the store. Additionally, he said “This outdoor sign has also made our store as the landmark for the city of Huntington Park and its residents as the youngsters often choose our store as the place for meeting and gathering. That is quite a bonus for us!” This “bonus” actually goes well in line with the store’s commitment to become an active member of the local community.

According to the Sales Manager Jason Chin at Act One, the full-color outdoor LED message sign has gained increasing popularity amongst retail business owners in recent years. He said “the advantages and payoffs are very obvious: maximum advertising impact at a very low energy and maintenance cost - simply because LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a solid-state semi-conductor that consumes very little power to light up and can last more than ten years without burning out.”

There are several design technologies involved in making high-quality LED video displays. For the one manufactured by Act One for the Cingular Store, Chin said “The major uniqueness of our display is the 48-bit color (a digital color-differentiation terminology) design that gives much clearer picture quality for the darker scenes, especially when a high brightness-to-darkness contrast exists in the image.”

To allow the LED sign operated from a distant location, Act One has also integrated the Internet technology into its sign operating system. The animations made by a professional designer at Cingular’s southern California headquarters many miles away can be easily uploaded to the sign via Internet. The file scheduling and other management tasks can also be done from that location remotely.

About Act One:

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