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Announcement Regarding Recent False Information

Feb 17, 2009


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Some company is releasing an e-mail about “Macroblock product has quality issue and doesn’t work at specific temperature”, intentionally misleading customers. Macroblock hereby clarifies that this information is false without evidence. Macroblock will reserve the right to take legal action if this false information infringes upon the rights and interests of Macroblock and our customers. To clarify this false information and protect our customers, Macroblock makes further statements as below:

1. Macroblock products have reached the world-leading level to facilitate customers to
produce the LED display panels with best quality. For example, the PrecisionDriveTM
technology has achieved the best LED uniformity in the world with only ±1.5% typical
output current variations between channels (also called “channel skew”) and maximum
±3% between drivers (also called “chip skew”) respectively.
2. Macroblock products shipments are under the complete quality control and inspection
founded by our quality and reliability system.
3. Marcroblock products are well tested under rigid temperature condition and provided
with reliability report.
4. Macroblock has accumulated over 500 worldwide customers in the past 10 years.
Through continuous efforts in technology and product, Macroblock has become a leading
brand in LED driver market. Many of our customers apply our products in severe low or
high environmental temperature conditions, such as Russia and the countries in the
Middle East.
5. Macroblock has surpassed average monthly shipment of 10,000,000 pieces. This
outstanding sales volume comes from our improvements in product development, and
most important of all, from the product reliability and services that our customers rely

We feel deeply sorry if the false information has bothered some of our customers. With appreciation for our customers’ support, Macroblock will keep on holding the spirit of ”Continuous Improvement, Pursuing Excellence and Customer Satisfaction” to provide the best quality products and services as well as to achieve the ultimate customer satisfaction internally and externally.

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