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DOMINANT Receives 2008 Industrial Technology Awards for Southeast Asia Entrepreneurial Award Optoelectronics Market by Frost & Sullivan

May 06, 2008

Dominant Semiconductor

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The 2008 Frost & Sullivan Entrepreneurial Award for the Southeast Asian optoelectronics market is presented to DOMINANT Semiconductors Sdn. Bhd. The award ceremony was held on April 25, 2008 in recognition of the DOMINNAT's entrepreneurial ability to identify, research, develop, and market a product solution with significant market potential.

The Industrial Technologies Awards were introduce since 2006 and the essence of this award is to capture and recognize a company's efforts across a wide range of industrial sectors such as Auto Identification, Electronics and Security, Industrial Automation and Process Control, Energy and Power Systems and Environment & Building Technologies, as well as new and emerging technologies across these industry sectors.

The companies commended as Award recipients are those which display exemplary achievement in areas such as market leadership, marketing strategy, business development strategy, market penetration, customer service, growth strategy, product line strategy, amongst others. Also, qualities such as diligence, perseverance, innovation and dedication required to develop a successful business plan and excel in the increasingly competitive global marketplace are pre-requisites of the illustrious award recipient.

This prestige award is given to DOMINANT Semiconductors through our strength in high-quality system; always position ourselves in high-growth segment; highly automated in-house manufacturing and an experience team that enabled the company to produce high-quality packaging that meets stringent international standards and allowed the company to thrive and grow in domestic and export markets. These cumulative factors make DOMINANT Semiconductors the deserving recipient of the 2008 Frost and Sullivan Entrepreneurial Company in the optoelectronics market in Southeast Asia. (Extracted from Frost & Sullivan Entrepreneurial Award Write Up For DOMINANT Semiconductors Sdn Bhd, 2008)
About DOMINANT Semiconductors

DOMINANT Semiconductors Sdn. Bhd. is a dynamic Malaysian Company that is among the worlds leading SMT LED Manufacturers. An excellence driven organization, it offers a comprehensive product range for diverse industries and various lighting applications in the automotive, consumer and communications as well as industrial sectors. With extensive industry experience and relentless pursuit of innovation, DOMINANT's state-of-art manufacturing, research and testing capabilities have become a trusted and reliable brand across the globe. More information about DOMINANT Semiconductors can be found on the Internet at DOMINANT is a QS 9000 and ISO/TS 16949 certified company.

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