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LEDtronics Bulbs Enhance Danish Town's Street Light Quality While Decreasing Power Consumption

Oct 17, 2007


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TORRANCE, CA — October 17, 2008 — The public library in Ølstykke, a town of 20,000 on the northern part of Denmark’s largest island, Zealand, north of Copenhagen, was having problems with the lampposts in its parking lot. Not only were the standard 75-watt bulbs used in each of its 30 lamps a tremendous drain on electricity, but the lamps themselves were habitual targets for young vandals. Consequently, library patrons often were left in the dark for days, until the bulbs were replaced.

Kristian and John Henckel from Henckel Gruppen ApS, representatives in Denmark of Torrance, California-based LEDtronics®, Inc., came to the rescue. For demonstration, they replaced the Philips 75-watt incandescent E27 bulbs of two streetlights in the parking lot with 15-watt LEDtronics PAR30 LED lamps, one warm white and the other, daylight white.

They took lumen measurements before and after the replacement. The meter was placed on the ground and indicated 9 Lux for the incandescent lamps, while it measured 93 lux for the LEDtronics daylight white lamp. When measured at a height of 3.1 meters above ground, the meter showed 85 Lux for the LEDtronics warm white bulb.

“The result was amazing!” said John. “The city engineer and the vice director were so impressed with the results that they refused to let us take back the test bulbs, as they planned to provide demonstrations for the rest of the staff of the Egedal Kommune (municipality).”

John and Kristian estimate the town has some 1,000 of this type of lamppost, called vintergaekker (named after the snowdrop plant whose shape it borrows). It is an older type of lamp that is being replaced in many municipalities. “In this case, instead of changing the lamps, they saved money by changing just the bulbs,” says John. “In addition to saving 60 watts per lamppost, now the bulbs are much more difficult for vandals to destroy because of the strong housing.”

With an 80% power reduction and 1033% more light intensity, the Henckels say Egedal has subsequently decided to start the gradual switch to LEDtronics LED lighting all around the kommune in the near future, especially since the townspeople pride themselves for being scrupulous energy savers.

“The parking lot will, according to energy calculations, have simple payback within just one year,” says John. “If you disregard service costs and count only energy savings, they will earn money back in 23 months. And since other municipalities heard about this, we have already had meetings on other and much larger projects as well.”

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