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Philips Lumileds sets LED luminance records,enabling new automotive, television & commercial lighting

Jun 28, 2006


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SAN JOSE, CA. — Philips Lumileds Lighting Company announced today that it has established
new luminance performance records for solid-state lighting technology at 1 Amp.
Among the new benchmarks:
• For white devices, luminance of 38 meganits (Mcd/m2), approximately 50% more luminance
than that of an automotive headlamp halogen bulb (~25 meganits) was achieved.
• For InGaN blue devices, a radiance of 200 mW/mm2sr was realized.
• For InGaN green devices, luminance of 37 meganits (Mcd/m2) was achieved.
These solid-state light sources—that fit on the head of a matchstick—demonstrate light output
performance levels well beyond what is possible from today’s state-of-the-art LEDs and are indicative of
the evolutionary research and development work being done at Philips Lumileds. These achievements
will significantly affect the performance and design of light intensive applications such as automotive
headlamps, rear-projection televisions (RPTV), and commercial lighting.
In the automotive headlamp arena, new white LED products based on these advances will generate light
density exceeding that of the halogen bulb commonly used in automotive headlamps and require a
fraction of the physical space. High precision mounting and alignment of the new products in
development will yield better light control, resulting in significantly smaller and more efficient headlamps
than those built with conventional technologies. Combined with higher visibility white performance,
LEDs will change the shape of automotive forward lighting.
LED RPTVs, one of the most talked-about consumer technologies at this year’s CES in Las Vegas, are
limited in brightness by the light output of current LEDs. Philips Lumileds anticipates that the luminance
demonstrated with its new technologies will enable front-of-screen performance brighter than any LED
based RPTV that has been publicly demonstrated. The new solid-state devices would also remove barriers
to increased display size, and superior contrast and color uniformity. The entire system is improved and
the viewers’ experience enhanced with improved color gamut, lower profile systems, longer lifetime and
reduced ownership costs.
In the lighting category, applications such as aircraft, roadway and general lighting will benefit from the
greatly improved light output performance and the innate ability of solid-state lighting to operate in very
cold environments, withstand significant shock and vibration, and be controlled digitally. Worldwide,
Philips Lumileds expects that its advances in solid-state lighting will ultimately save billions in energy
costs and have a significant positive effect on the environment.
These advances mark the latest chapter in Philips Lumileds’ pioneering research and development for
solid-state lighting technologies, enabling never-before-possible commercial applications that disrupt
conventional lighting assumptions. The company’s LUXEON® power LEDs, including LUXEON® Flash
and the recently released LUXEON® K2, continue to transform lighting solutions around the world with
their industry-leading brightness, lumen maintenance, conformal coating process for creating a uniform
white beam, and other advanced features and capabilities.
About Philips Lumileds Lighting Company
Philips Lumileds Lighting Company is the world’s leading high-volume manufacturer of power LEDs
and a pioneer in the use of solid-state lighting solutions for everyday purposes including automotive
lighting, camera flash, LCD televisions, portable lighting and general lighting. The company’s patented
LUXEON® Power Light Sources are the first to combine the brightness of conventional lighting with the
small footprint, long life and other advantages of LEDs. Philips Lumileds also supplies core LED material
and LED packaging, and manufactures billions of LEDs annually. The company is headquartered in San
Jose, California, with operations in the Netherlands, Japan and Malaysia and sales offices throughout the
world. For more information, contact Philips Lumileds Lighting Company at 408-964-2900 or visit

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