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LUXEON® Rebel inspires innovative product by combining the smallest form factor power LED with leading light output, efficacy and value.

Dec 12, 2007


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San Jose, CA — A number of groundbreaking power LED lighting designs that have been made possible by
the miniature package size and high output per mm2 of the LUXEON Rebel LED from Philips Lumileds are
set to hit the market in the coming weeks.
Each of the new lighting designs includes features that were never
possible before because previous generations of power LEDs had too
large of a footprint. From high-power outdoor display screens to small
residential luminaires, the products demonstrate that LUXEON Rebel
extends the range of applications in which power LEDs are the best
The LUXEON Rebel LED is just 3mm x 4.5mm, with a footprint 75%
smaller than other surface-mount power LEDs. Its light output and
efficacy performance make it the clear leader in lumens/mm2,
lumens/Watt and lumens/dollar.
Pixels with power
The high output from this miniature power package is the feature that
has enabled innovative designs from Chromatica and IST. For instance,
Chromatica ( is using LUXEON Rebel
devices in a new tri-color (RGB) module for applications such as
colour-changing architectural lighting. The large package sizes of other
power LEDs prevent the close mounting necessary to achieve effective
colour mixing at a usable focal length. LUXEON Rebel LEDs allow
much closer packing, which increases light density and maximizes light
output in the smallest possible area. Prior to LUXEON Rebel, close packing of red, green and blue LEDs
required the use of low-power LEDs, which give a relatively feeble light output. Optical engineering and
colour mixing are simpler and potentially less costly because of the smaller optical system enabled by
Likewise, in Chromatica’s road traffic signs, the LUXEON Rebel’s reduced dimensions enabled compliance
with strict standards for uniformity and brightness. “The 3mm x 4.5mm footprint and high light output [of the
LUXEON Rebel] were critical to this design,” explained Kevin Clark, director at Chromatica. “Precise board
mounting was the key to meeting our specification, and in particular the strict uniformity standards imposed
on road signs.”
Efficacy and value
Another lighting module capitalising on the LUXEON Rebel’s performance and reliability is IST’s
( design for a CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light) replacement. Targeting the highly-competitive
interior lighting market meant that IST’s requirements were demanding. “CFL replacements fit a 160mm
fixture, and must be produced with aggressive pricing while exceeding the requirements of energy
regulations,” explained Matt Fitzpatrick, director at IST. “With LUXEON Rebel, we have a powerful LED
that meets our efficacy and financial requirements, and that can also be densely placed to fit a compact form
factor. Our SCILS (Scattering Cold Illuminating Light Source) downlighter uses a patented technique to
evenly disperse this light and make full use of the LED light output.”
No other power LEDs combine the light output, small size and reliability of LUXEON Rebel in a low-cost
package making it the clear value leader in the market. LUXEON Rebel LEDs are available in versions
delivering minimum flux levels of 70, 80, 90 and 100 lumens. For more information about LUXEON Rebel
LEDs, visit
LUXEON Rebel power LEDS are immediately available in neutral-white and cool-white colour temperatures
in addition to standard InGaN and AlInGaP colors and provide the most complete colour palette for lighting
designers and specifiers. LUXEON Rebel is available worldwide from Future Lighting Solutions
(, a division of Future Electronics for immediate delivery. In addition to the
stocking of product, Certified Solutions Partners in the LUXEON Lighting Network have developed a range
of optics, power and thermal solutions for LUXEON Rebel LEDs.
About Philips Lumileds Lighting Company
Philips Lumileds Lighting Company pioneered power LED technology and is the world’s leading provider of
power LEDs for everyday lighting applications. The company’s recent records for light output, efficacy, and
thermal management are direct results of the ongoing commitment to advancing solid-state lighting
technology and enabling lighting solutions that are more environmentally friendly, help reduce CO2
emissions and reduce the need for power plant expansion. Philips Lumileds’ LUXEON LEDs are enabling
never before possible applications in the automotive, camera flash, display, general lighting, and signage
markets. More information about the company’s products and technologies can be found at
About Royal Philips Electronics
Royal Philips Electronics of the Netherlands (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHI) is a global leader in healthcare, lighting
and consumer lifestyle, delivering products, services and solutions through the brand promise of “sense and
simplicity”. Headquartered in the Netherlands, Philips employs approximately 128,000 employees in more
than 60 countries worldwide. With sales of USD 34 billion (EUR 27 billion) in 2006, the company is a
market leader in medical diagnostic imaging and patient monitoring systems, energy efficient lighting
solutions, personal care and home appliances, as well as consumer electronics. News from Philips is located

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