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Philips MASTER LED bulb using LUXEON LEDs recognized as an innovative solution to reduce energy consumption and deliver the highest quality light.

Mar 04, 2009


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Eindhoven, The Netherlands, Shanghai, P.R. China, Paris, France and San Jose CA
Philips MASTER LED, a solid-state light bulb identical in form factor to a conventional light
bulb, has been honored by both the Institute Francais du Design and Equip’Hotel Paris for
its innovative design and sustainability. MASTER LED is the first LUXEON Rebel based
replacement bulb that delivers on the promise of high efficiency, uncompromised quality
light, and long-life, in a package that makes it simple for people to use and feel good about
Philips starts with its high efficiency LUXEON Rebel LEDs in the MASTER LED and builds
on this with quality materials to ensure that the entire solution is lead and mercury free,
and offers long lifetimes to ensure that the Master LED product is a more sustainable
solution and can contribute to the global effort to reduce energy consumption.
“I think that for all of us, MASTER LED not only epitomizes the “better than replacement”
vision, but it is the product that we all want to put in our homes and experience,” said
Guido van Tartwijk, leading the Global Product Marketing effort for Philips LED Retrofit.
“It’s great to know that the work by all the Philips teams around the world has resulted in a
solution that provides great light and makes a positive impact on our shared environment.”
A single Master LED retrofit bulb uses less than 7 Watts of power and can replace
traditional incandescent bulbs up to 40W, depending on the application. On average it will
last for 45,000 hours compared to just 1500 hours for the conventional solution.
The MASTER LED Bulb is part of a range of MASTER LED Lamps that is presently
available in 230V countries with release slated for U.S. and Canada within the first half of
2009. MASTER LED is already finding its place in offices, in hospitality and home
environments. Case studies with customer testimonials of how Philips new solid-state
lighting solutions are being implemented can be found at

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