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D-LED develops unique lighting solution with LUXEON LEDs for landmark museum

May 21, 2009


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San Jose, CA – Long-life LED luminaires in hard-to-reach recesses are providing a
unique viewing experience at the new Yitzhak Rabin Museum in Tel Aviv and minimizing
disruption to visitors from unplanned maintenance. The vision to create small, almost
invisible light sources that wouldn’t detract from the artifacts, was accomplished by
embedding LUXEON LED based lighting solutions in walls, the floors and awkward
spaces where conventional light sources wouldn’t be practical.
Two luminaires manufactured by D-LED, the DSpot
and Nano, were specified for the project.
Each uses LUXEON K2 LEDs driven at 700 mA to
achieve the light output and lumen maintenance
required for the application. D-LEDs experience
with SSL solutions coupled with engineering
expertise and support from Future Lighting
Solutions enabled to project to come to fruition
and for the museum to create a truly unique
experience for its visitors.
“By using power LEDs, we were able to make backlighting luminaires that could be
accommodated in very small spaces behind displays and equally to design discreet
spotlights, each using three white LUXEON LEDs, that are so small that the eye is not
drawn to or distracted by them,” said Noa Lev, the lighting designer who implemented
the interior lighting of the museum.
D-LED is a member of the LUXEON Lighting Network and more information about their
luminaire products can be found at The
case study exploring the lighting solution for the Yitzhak Rabin Museum is available at

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