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Philips AmbientLED™ R20 Indoor Flood

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Product Description:
Philips AmbientLED™ R20 Indoor Flood makes downlighting simple. Longer life means they eliminate the hassle of replacing bulbs in hard to reach fixtures.

Ideal for general and accent lighting.

* Available in cool white and warm white models
* Replaces a 40W R20 halogen spot light
* Ideal for highlighting and accents
* Designed to last up to 15 years*
* Contains no mercury
* Utilizes advanced, solid state lighting technology
* Offers superior life and low energy consumption
* Emits virtually no UV and will not fade colors
* Contains Philips high efficiency Luxeon® Rebel LEDs

* 15 years means rated average life based on engineering testing and probability analysis where the lamp is used 4 hours/day, 7 days a week.

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