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Philips AmbientLED™ Replacement Bulbs

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Product Description:
LED Lighting - a simple way to save money and beautify your home.

Advanced LED light bulb technology delivers outstanding efficiency and extra long life in sleek designs that fit into fixtures you already have in your home. Discover the benefits of LED bulbs and why they are a great, energy efficient alternative to incandescent, halogen or compact fluorescent light bulbs.

* 2.5 Watt Candle ­creates decorative ambiance with the elegant effect of incandescent candles, suited for wall sconces and decorative fixtures
* 4 Watt MR16 lamps in 10º or 25º beam angles ­are ideal for highlighting objects at close range, will not fade colors and is perfectly suited for many accent applications
* 11 Watt PAR30 and 16 Watt PAR38­ high brightness LED spot lights are ideal for general light and accent light and easily install into existing track and recessed fixtures
* 7 Watt R20 LED spot lamp is a long-lasting spot light ideal for recessed downlighting and track lighting

Philips Advanced LED Bulbs

* Utilize innovative solid state lighting technology, contains no mercury
* Energy savings -­ saves up to 80%*
* Superior long life ­- lasts up to 20 years**
* Contemporary design ­fits into standard sockets
* Emits no UV, virtually no heat, and will not fade colors

* As compared to industry standard equivalents shown in chart below. (Existing wattage - new wattage) / existing wattage = % of energy cost savings.

** Based on 3 to 4 hours average usage/day 7 days per week, Philips 7W R20 AmbientLED is designed to last up to 20 years, 11W PAR30, 17W PAR38 and 4W MR16, 4W GU10 up to 15 years, and 2.5W DecoLED up to 10 years.

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