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Elecosn Dimmable LED Light - EverBright

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Product Description:
EverBright is the only LED Lamp that can replace 50W Halogen MR-16 Lamps with similar brightness, and the payback from the saving power bill is only 6 months in condition that the bulb are 24hrs turned on. Most of other LED Lamps from other providers are not able to replace the 50W halogen lamps because of the insufficient brightness

•100% to 0 dimming smoothly
•The users can use inncandescent lamp dimming controller and halogen lamp electronic transformer to do the dimming, not need to have the specific LED dimming controller
•What the users should do is just to connect the bulb to traditional electronic transformer, which is used by halogen lamp, and incandescent bulb controller
•No lower lifecycle Liquid Electrolyte Capacitors applied in the drivers, so the lifecycle of the LED Driver is the same with the LEDs, that guaranteed the extremely long use life of the bulb
•The dimming functions are integrated into the LED driver, not need additional Signal Pins (PWM Dimming Controller) for dimming. The bulb can keep only two pins that is exactly the same as traditional halogen bulbs

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