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EarthLED DesignoLux™ LED Light Bulbs

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Product Description:
The new DesignoLux 3 watt series allows you to integrate LED lighting into demanding decorative applications. Using a 3 watt LED light engine, the DesignoLux series offers low power consumption with high light output all at a surprisingly low price.

Meet the family below:

CL3 - The lamp that started it all, CL3 allows you to replace common table and desk lamps with a LED Light bulb that looks very similar to a standard incandescent in terms of shape and light projection.

GL3 - Now you can use LED where large globe lamps are needed in applications such as bathroom vanity mirrors.

ML3 - Use the ML3 to replace traditional "Mushroom" shaped lamps anywhere from kitchen to bathroom.

BL3 - Replaces our original DesignoLux L, use the BL3 anywhere a bullet shaped lamp is required, from carriage lamps to large chandeliers.

All Designolux fit standard screw type fixtures and are available in shapes and sizes to suit any decorative application. Best of all since the DesignoLux 3 watt series only costs around $1.00 to run a year, they are great for applications that are always on.

Product Specifications:
- Power Consumption: 3 Watts
- Light Engine: 1x3 Watt CREE XRE LED
- Input Voltage: 110 or 220 V AC
- Luminous Flux:
150 Lumens (Cool), 100 Lumens (Warm)
- Color Temperature: 3000 K (Warm), 5000 K (Cool)
- CRI: 80 (Typical)
- Beam Angle – 120 Degees
- Lifespan: > 50,000 Hours (MTBF)
- Construction: Aluminum with Integrated Heatsink

Cost to run for one year* – $1.00
Calculated assuming 8 Hours a day operation, 365 Days a Year with $.10 KWh Electricity Cost

- Physical Dimensions:
Weight – 2.5 Ounces

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