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Renaissance Lighting 4 inch Downlight

Renaissance Lighting
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Product Description:
The Renaissance Lighting downlight is the highest quality LED recessed product available. Capable of producing over 16 million color combinations, including the full range of white light color temperatures.

Optic and LED Configuration
RGB or Various Temperatures (2700k, 3000k, 3500K or 4100k) White LEDs are arranged in a circular array at the perimeter of highly-reflective integrating dome. This innovative and patented optic combines light uniformly before exiting the luminaire and is known in the industry as Constructive Occlusion™. A light-sensing feedback system continually adjusts each luminaire to factory-calibrated color standards to ensure fixture-to-fixture consistency for the life of the luminaire. LED lumen life -minimum of 70% of initial light output maintained at 50,000hrs. A wall wash reflector is also available for perimeter wall illumination.

Die cast aluminum heat sink housing in clear anodized finish, integral control and power supply contained within individual sheet metal compartments. Mounting frame facilitates installation in framed or suspended ceiling applications, with cross-bar hangers provided.

NEW in 2009!
Renaissance Lighting is proud to expand its innovative product assortment to include the next generation of RGB downlights (4DR3 & 4DS3) that are 30-50% more efficient and offer a higher light output than any other RGB downlight product on the market.
Other enhanced product options include a uniquely square-shaped aperture for optimal creativity in designing environments as well as a Retrofit Frame for easy installation in remodel projects.

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