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Techart Apollo GU10, E27, BA22, MR16 replacement bulbs

AC Techart Electronics
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Product Description:
This LED lighting unit is probably the most powerful LED light source in a standard halogen type format. It uses 3 super bright lamps as light source, and is available in a choice of Cool White, Neutral White and Warm White.

By Using GL-Apollo series Bulb LED lights, you can lower your running costs - save up to 90% on your electricity costs and lower your COČ emissions. With a high power factor and a low harmonic distortion, it will reduce the power losses on transmission grids. Non-toxic disposal will help us to save our environment. Due to their low working temperature, it will limit fire risk caused by using the similar but very high temperature standard halogen lights and significantly reduce air-conditioning electricity usage and maintenance costs.

The typical return on investment for commercial building of this group lights in Australia is less than one and half years.

1.Office Lighting
2.Commercial Lighting
3.Residential Lighting
4.Architectural Lighting

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