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Edison Opto LED T-BOX

Edison Opto Corporation
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Product Description:
LED T-BOX is an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient LED lighting source. It combines technologies in optical, thermal, mechanical, electrical, and material aspects into one unique fixture. Also, to ensure the safety of our customers, the power supply for LED T-BOX has both CE and FCC certificate. In general, a LEDs fixture suffers from glare and multi-shadow effect, which is often the cause of fatigue during long hours of working. However, with careful design in optics, LED T-BOX has a break through in above issue creating a comfortable working environment. Finally, the installation of LED T-BOX is very easy and it can replace the traditional T-bar without additional transformer or power supply.

Green Light No Ultraviolet or Infrared Light.
Low Maintenance.
Long Lifespan.
High Luminous Efficacy 70+ lm/Watt
Slim Design Directional Light Source Enables Never Before Possible Fixture Design.
Instant On.
Flicker Free.
Shock Resistant.

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