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Cree LR24

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Product Description:
LR24 – Architectural luminaire designed for offices, schools, hospitals, and retail environments.
World-Changing Technology

The LR24 combines numerous technical innovations, including breakthroughs in optical design, electronics design, mechanical design, and thermal management. The core innovation is a new way to generate white light with LEDs.
A Better Way to Generate White Light

The technology is elegantly simple, yet incredibly effective. It delivers high efficacy light with beautiful, warm color characteristics by mixing the light from yellow and red LEDs. This approach enables active color management to maintain tight color consistency over the life of the product.
A Fresh Solution Not Possible with Fluorescent Technology

The design of traditional lay-in fixtures is limited by the use of fluorescent technology. Lighting requirements dictate the use of multiple large sources that are challenging to accommodate, restricting aesthetic possibilities. LED technology does not have these constraints, enabling products like the LR24 that break the norms of lay-in fixture design and create fresh and contemporary solutions.
Create a Quiet Ceiling

Many fluorescent luminaires are very bright when viewed from a distance. This creates a busy appearance with scores of bright squares scattered across the ceiling. The LR24 lens is recessed into the lower reflector to provide mechanical shielding and a soft, low brightness appearance when viewed at a distance — blending into the ceiling plane.

Product Specifications:
Save Energy

* 48 to 58 Watts
* 3200 and 3800 lumens
* 0.5 to 0.75 W/ft² with high ambient light levels

Sacrifice Nothing

* 92 CRI
* 3500K
* Dimmable to 5% (0-10V DC Control)

Reduce Maintenance Costs

* Designed to last 50,000 hours
* 8 to 12 years with commercial use
* Waste no time changing lamps

Protect the Environment

* Long life, energy savings, no toxic mercury
* Enable multiple LEED points

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