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enLux 1KS Series LED Linear Luminaire

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Product Description:
The enLux 1KS Slim Line Linear Luminaire uses the patented RAGB LED light engine in its versatile design for commercial and residential applications.

enLux RAGB LED white light mixes color (red, amber, green and blue) LEDs to emit high visual performance white light and uniformly provides a full spectrum of color to display objects and packaging in true vivid saturated colors comparable to halogen light.

This is the first LED based light module that emits over 1000 useful lumens of white light and can be used to replace conventional incandescent or halogen light sources for general illumination.

The enLux 1KS Series Luminiare uses significantly less energy to produce the same light as conventional fluorescent, halogen or HID light sources. The 1KS4 typically equals a 4 ft. T-8 fluorescent light output.

This light stays cool to the touch and lasts up to 50,000 hours so replacement and maintenance are greatly reduced.

The 1KS Slim Line is available in 1Ft 8 Watt module, 2ft 16 Watt, 3ft, 24 Watt and 4ft, 48 Watt module.

Ideal for the fixture manufacturer who wants to incorporate LED, but does not have the resources to design and produce such a solution. Fixture manufacturers may specify a desired form, shape and output for an engineered custom design solution.

The enLux 1KS Series is available in three standard white color temperatures:

* Warm 2700K
* Neutral 3500K
* Cool 4500K
* Custom white color temperatures available upon request

Interested in color accent illumination? The enLux 1KS Slim Line Linear Luminaire is also available with colored light engines. Unlike a typical incandescent color filter, our color is built right into the light engine creating saturated color 10 times more efficient than color (filtered) incandescent lights. The enLux LED light module is available in four off-the-shelf colors:

* Red 620nm
* Amber 590nm
* Green 525nm
* Blue 465nm
* Custom colors available

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