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Extremeline RGB linear LED fixture

Solid State Luminaires
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Product Description:
The Extremeline RGB series is a powerful color projector system in a low profile (3.1" x 1.2") linear LED strip that combines industry leading LEDs with ultra high performance optics spaced to maximize illumination power while producing exceptionally tight beam control without striations.

Available in narrow (12 x 12) and ellipsoidal widespread distribution (12 x 50), capable of producingvirtually any visible color, in lengths from 305mm (12") up to 1175mm (46.25"), all with an IP65 rating for maximum protection against intrusion of dirt and moisture when used indoor or out. Available with DMX512 protocol control for maximum integrationwith other effects control. Consult our accessorysection for controller options.

The Extremeline RGB series is particularly wellsuited for special effects and large surface architectural illumination such as facade and wall washing, bridge illumination, and sign lighting.

All SSL products are offered with a 5 year limited warranty.

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