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Broadway LED Cuttable Light Bar (White)

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Product Description:
Broadway LED Cuttable Light Bar comes in 19-inch segments. Up to 20 of these untrimmed segments can be daisy-chained and powered by one power supply. Each segment boasts 30 LEDs.

* Small, but powerful!
* Its low heat generation makes it perfect for display cases, under cabinet, and shelf lighting
* Very wide viewing angle: 120
* 12V DC Power Supply required (sold separately)
* Can be used with Dimmable LED Power Supply

Each bar includes a bar-to-bar, daisy-chain connector.

The LED Cuttable Light Bar provides 1 to 2 feet of light and is great for illuminating display cases, cabinets, and shelving. This small but powerful lighting device features low heat generation and a very wide viewing angle (120!).
Broadway Light Bar can be trimmed every three LEDs. Only need a bar of 3 inches. Cut them off and save the rest for another lighting endeavor. The versatility of this product is tremendous, limited only by your ambition and imagination. Plus, it has a lifespan of 50,000 hours!

Product Specifications:
Brightness: 106 Lumens per light bar (cool white)
Beam Angle: 120
Light Color: Warm white: 3000K
Neutral white: 4000K
Cool white 5000K
LED Spacing: 15mm
Life Span: 50,000 hours
Power Consumption: 2.4 Watt
Voltage: 12V DC
Number of LEDs: 30 LEDs
Dimensions (Metric Units): L: 482.6mm x W: 8mm x H: 6mm
Dimensions: L: 19in x W: 0.31in x H: 0.24in
Cutting Increment: every 3 LEDs (1.90 inches)
Operating Temperature: -25C - 60C

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